Almond milk from scratch

I love drinking dairy alternatives, but the ones I find in the store taste like plastic oil water. I just got confirmation from my roommate that this recipe is incredible.


What you will need for this recipe:

A blender, a nut milk sack or cheesecloth, a bowl.

Ingredients include: 1 cup of almonds, a small handful of dates or 2 TBS honey, 1tsp vanilla, and a dash of salt.

It all starts the night before. Soaking nuts is such a wonderful habit to form, it makes the nutrients much more readily available.

Here are the before and after soaking pictures of my dry, unsalted, raw almonds. They doubled in size!


The next step is to take your ingredients outside and photograph them! Just kidding, its time for the blender. Add a quart of water (4 cups) with all the ingredients and blend it well. I often let it sit for a few minutes after, and blend it again.FullSizeRender-1.jpg

Pour the mixture into a nut milk sack or cheesecloth (folded many times) over a bowl, and wring it out.FullSizeRender-2.jpg

And voila! Delicious almond milk! The almond meal can be refrigerated and used in baking, recipes coming soon.

You can also use other nuts for this recipe. Some of my favorites are hazelnut, brazil nut, and cashew nut, but go ahead and experiment. A friend once put blueberries in with her almond milk, and that was delicious as well.


Bonus recipe: my daily smoothie! Combine 1 cup of whole milk plain yogurt (I like Strauss), 1 banana, two leaves of kale or two huge handfuls or spinach, 1 cup almond milk, 2 TBS raw hemp powder, 1 cup of frozen fruit, and blend! I drink it every morning, and my roommate often joins me.



almond milk comic.jpg
This is Amy making almond milk. She testifies that Justine’s recipe is AMAZING.


2 thoughts on “Almond milk from scratch

  1. I love this recipe. This is something I can actually make. I always thought almond milk is really difficult to make but you have shown me otherwise.


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