Pestos, sauces and spreads

Cilantro Pesto

I love pestos of all sorts, and cilantro is a nice surprise! It has a very fresh taste, and compliments tacos and burritos amazingly. If you are wanting a traditional pesto though, you can sub basil. Funny story about cilantro, (or coriander, depending on your location) sometimes I see people separate out the leaves from the stem! The most flavor is held in the stems of cilantro, so I always cut mine all up together because it saves time and tastes better!


2 Large bunches of cilantro

1 cup olive oil

1/2 cup parmesan (sub cashews for vegans)

1 cup of nuts- I used almonds but pine nuts, walnuts and pecans work well

1-5 cloves of garlic to taste (5 will be spicy)

Dash of salt

Squirt of lemon juice, or white wine vinegar

Dash of cayenne (optional)


The prep on this is pretty simple. If you used almonds, you can soak them overnight. Throw everything into the blender or the food processor. You can add more oil if your pesto is too dry, everyone likes it a little different. If your cilantro is bitter, you can add a 1/2 tsp of honey incrementally to taste.

IMG_8926 (1).jpg

And voila! Cilantro Pesto!

IMG_8934 (1).jpg
Served with marinated herb feta, tomatoes and seeded crackers

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