This is the blog Justine and I set up to share recipes we found or made. 🙂

Justine is a Canadian living in California and I am a Singaporean living in Montreal. Our recipes will hence span the range of East and West cuisine!


Amy:  I am very much a haphazard, explorative cook. As an artist, cooking for me is another way of painting only with flavours: one plays around with many sources, textures and colours in order to create something beautiful but finite. I love food to be colourful, nutritious and delicious. I also love telling stories with my food! I grew up with my grandma’s Teochew cooking (a lot of soup and fresh seafood). In my early 20s, I lived with a woman whose elaborate cooking introduced me to the wide range of textures and flavours in Cantonese cuisine. Upon moving out alone, I taught myself (or rather, experiment-cooked) using the set of skills I had acquired observing her cook, in order to develop my own style of cooking. A lot of my recipes combine Japanese, Cantonese and Teochew influences, with a Western twist.


IMG_6416.jpgJustine: As a toddler I was fascinated by new tastes and intricate flavors, not long after I began to use the stove. I delight in the alchemy of cooking and fermenting. Growing food and living in California has influenced my style, I love the flavor of fresh in-season colorful fruits and veggies. Cooking is a beautiful endeavor, preparing the world to be pleasing to us so it can fuel us to do the things we enjoy.